La Posada del Cazador Lodge

¡Hunting in Catamarca!

100 millions of dove!

We are a hunting company located in Catamarca, Argentina. We have the privilege of being the first and unique hunting lodge in this province. Here you can hunt pigeons and doves.
Also, we offer a full meal service. You will eat a traditional argentinian asado and you will drink wine, whiskey and whatever you want.
Furthermore, we pick you up at the airport on your arrival and we lead you back. You only have one job: shoot, hunt and enjoy the experience.
Nacho Castro – the owner – will be side by side with you during all your stay. The most important thing is you having your lifetime experience.
The lodge, named La Posada del Cazador, has all the commodities you need to enjoy the stay.
It’s easy to get there by plane. You can take a fly from Miami, make a stopover in Lima and arrive to Tucumán. Then we pick up you at the airport.
Another option is going to Buenos Aires and then go to Tucumán.
Let’s know about our history. We have been doing this for sixteen years. Our beginnings were in Córdoba, after a few years we decided to start hunting in Catamarca because is a virgin field and has a great quantity and variety of birds to offer.

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